jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

My Past Weekend

FRIDAY: I got up early at 8 o clock in the morning. later I took a Shower. then I Watched my favorite program"POrtaDAS" AT 9.30am I Went to the kitchen and cooked my breakfast, afte that my mon asked me that cleaned the house.I cleaned. the house, I took other shower and waited for my transport that came at 11 o clock .
In the road to URbe. I talked with my friends about a math work. I came to URBE after enter to my english class with the teacher Doris Molero, my transport took me to my home where my mom was waiting me with the dinner.
I ate my dinner and then I went to the bed to got some sleep.
SATURDAY: I got up really early because. I didn´t have to go to urbe. I went to the park. That is´t near from home to relax a litte and enjoyed with my dog ´´drazy´´. My boyfriend invited me to the movies an we saw the now movie ´´sherk´´. Then we ate the dinner at macdonal´s and later took me home and I stayed sleep.
SUNDAY: at 9 o´clock all my family went home to celebrate my dad´s birthday .Write the fun was happening I turned on the to and watched the footbal game.
When the match finished at 3 o´clock we went to the pool. After took the bath in the pool to refresh from the maracaibo hot weather. I was so hungry, my aunt laura prepared a delicious dinner to everyone ´´Arepas´´ with ham and cheese.
The family´s favorite.
the sleep time came,it was really late, like 12o´clock.
´´That was my weekend activities ´´

unit 13

Angelica: How I get to the hotel?
Angel: walk for one block turn right. walk doun one block.turn left the bank it's on the left
angelica: thanks a lot
Angel: you're welcome

Wilkins: How I get to the chinese restaurant?
Yohenny: Go to catherine street walk for one block the chinese restaurant it's on the left
Wilkins: ok thanks you're very nice
yohenny. Hot at all

Carlos: HI Angel
Angel: hellos carlos
Carlos. I feel sick could you lell me how I get to the Hospital?
Angel: go to the siseth avenve walk up for two blocks the hospital it's on the left
carlos. thanks you
Ange: you' re welcome
Escena 1
Yohenny: Hi, Solanny
Solanny: Hi, Yohenny How are you?
Yohenny: I'm Fine. But you don't look well. How are you feeling?
Solanny: I'm feelig bad today
Yohenny: What's wrong with you?
Solanny: I have fever. a terrible headache and a terrible pain in my body.
Yohenny: oh! I'm sorry why don't you go to the doctor?
Solannny: I have no time today.
Yohenny: Why?
Solanny: Because I have an Exam
Yohenny: But you neeg to see the doctor
Solanny: Yes, I will see the doctor Tomorrow

Escena 2
Jainmi: Would you like to see the doctor
Solanny: yes, please
Jainmi: She's busy right now. May I have your name?
Solanny: solanny Luzardo
Jainmi: The doctor will see you in a moment please be seated
Escena 3
Dra Guisseli. what's the matter with you solanny?
solanny: I have a terrible headache and a terrible pain in my body I
tossed and turned all last night.
Solanny: Yes, doctor. I took two instead of one.I thought they would cure my headache and the certainnly did. but this morning I feel worse.
Dra Guisseli.You should go for a check-up more often. Solanny Just put the thermometer under you tougue.
Solanny: Do I have a Temperature doctor?
DraGuisseli. Yes, You do. Solanny it's dangerous to take pills all the time and have litter rest.
solanny: I really thought it was only a litte cold.
Dra Guisseli. You have certainly got a very bad could. I will give you a prescription. please, don't forget to take this medicine every four hours and rest lot this you will be better staying in bad for a day or two


I Think that my talemt it's being creative always think in doing new thinds, every time that I am with my friends we enjoy to create. On weekends we make of something litte. Something cute, dinamic and big, with recicling stuffs our imagination starts to fly.

Our favorite activity is cute add and draw flowers, albums to put our greatest memories.

I love to shore with my friends on weekends ,we make really fun activities ,make birthdays partys, my creativity it´s always present , I never in´t sad and when my friends are sad I always make them laugh to they feel better.

Decoring, cut, add, coloring, are my daily activities because with those activities always stort my creativity and the most important thing it´s that I feel really happy really happy


sábado, 7 de julio de 2007


Really my diet isn't too balanced. I like a lot the non healty food like butter, frite chicken, chips and golusines

I thy to don't fall in tentation cause I Know that those foods In tentation cause

I Know that thouse foods in big portions are bad to my heal. I always include in my daily diet, rice, meat, cheese, etc.

IN my food it is always the butter well usually twice or three time in the week

I eat macdonal´s chips those are my favorites and arturo´s frite chicken ,I love it ,I love it. IT´S yummy

I always eat in small guantities fruits, I really don´t like,but I know they are good to the good work of my body

Sometines I eat apples ,oranges ,bananas, my favorites fruit is the watermelon it is delicious.

the vegetales are really good to my heal and in a balanced diet always most to eat vegetales. I usually eat lettuce and tomatoes are my favorites

I never eat fish, yogurt and milk . I don´t like it

´´this is my daily diet´´

Angelica Maria

My name is Angelica, I'm from Maracaibo, I study Education at URBE

I'm eighteen years old and most than anything enjoy to eat.

I don't like getting up early, woshing. the dishes, clean the house, I hate, the injustice

My dream is to graduate from education school, and I'd like get Thin a litte bit.

In my opinion the english is important, but I' don't like it.

I'd like learm the languaje assisting the english class and meet some friends too shore the class